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Winter tips for the cold weather

As you all may know the following weeks are expected to be very cold.

We wanted to take this chance to make people aware of some common and not so common tips on how to deal with cold weather temperatures.

1. Set your heating to come on during certain times of the day and maintain at a certain temperature, for example mornings and evenings! It’s the coldest times of day!
2. Always carry a sweet snack with you when you go outside the house. Your body is working hard to keep you warm, a sweet snack will help your energy levels!
3. Ensure to fully de-ice and warm your car before driving
4. Know where your local Grit Bin is or store extra grit in your home for your pathways
5. Wear layers – it will keep you warm!
6. Check that you have all the medication you will need, just in case you are unable to get out to collect more!
7. Listen to the weather updates – stay prepared in case of snow or ice warnings
8. Make your favourite notorious winter meals to keep warm and energised – Winter stew, maybe!
9. Stay hydrated – it is important to keep your body hydrated in colder weathers. Drink plenty of water or even a hot cup of tea!
10. Keep your phone fully charged, it is important to always be able to contact someone, just in case.

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